Vending Machines were added in Alpha 15 and forms a part of the Barter system.

Traders usually have standard Vending Machines and several player rentable Vending Machines.

Standard Vending Machines can also be found at various locations. At them you can buy items using Dukes Casino Token but can not sell items. The choice of items is limited to food (see "items" section below).

Player rentable vending machines can be rented for a fee (2500 Duke Tokens). The rent lasts 30 days. During this time, the player can add items from his/her inventory to the vending machine. Prices can be increased above standard price or reduced (down to 20% of standard price). From player rented vending machines other players may purchase items, and sometimes items are sold to NPCs (NPCs in this regard only as buyers, they can neither be seen, interacted or otherwise dealt with. Exact mechanics of this selling to NPCs are not currently known , but price is said to have some effect. Note that upon expiration of a rent, all items still in the machine are lost (Alpha 15.1)

Player owned vending machines can currently be bought only from traders from their secret stash. They are said to sell items only to other players, they are not selling to NPCs like rented vending machines.


Standard vending machines

Player owned/rented vending machines

  • Anything, if added (sold) by owning/renting player


Various, usually at traders, gas stations, bars, and many more.

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