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Warmed by a Fire
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You feel warm by the fire
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Category Status Effect
Type Positive%Positive Status Effects
Caused by Standing within 2 blocks of active Campfire, Forge or Chemistry Station
Cured by Move out of range.
Leads to
Overall Duration
Effect on Fullness
Effect on Hydration
Effect on Health
Damage caused
Effect on Stamina
Effect on Wellness
Effect on Temperature +30°F, 16.7°C

Stun Resist
Damage Resist
Other Effects
Stack (Cumulative) Effects


Warmed by a Fire is the buff that is acquired when a player is near certain heat sources. Currently the only items capable of doing this is are active Campfire, Forge and a Chemistry Station. Other objects, while showing visible fire (such as Burning Barrel or Torch), do not provide the buff. Warmed by a Fire will raise the core Temperature of the player by 43%.

You will see an Icon above your health while the buff is in effect, and the message "You feel warm by the fire" will pop up whenever the effect becomes active.

The effect is strong enough to raise the core temperature of a Wet player in the Snowy Forest to 48F, making Campfires a useful tool when exploring Snowy Forest


Warmed by a Fire is caused by standing within 2 blocks of an active Campfire, Forge or Chemistry Station.

It is not created by a Torch, a Burning Barrel, a Zombie on fire, a Burn Victim, a Candle or explosions. These fires do no create useful heat, although some do affect the Heatmap