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This page contains content no longer in the game.
This location/biome was removed in Alpha 13.

Wasp Hive
A wasp hive in the attic of a derelict house
Removed: Alpha 13
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As of A13 Hives were removed from the game[ | ]

Jar of Honey is now found in hollow tree stumps and food crates.

Description[ | ]

A Wasp Hive is the home to several hornets and can be found in two locations. Located in the attic of derelict houses. Several hornets will spawn when the player gets close enough to a hive and they will attack the player in an attempt to defend the hive.

For Alpha 8.x and older - The location is the single house in between roads LANG,TRAN,260,73 (half distance from SPILLWAY LAKE to GRAVETOWN).

For Alpha 8.7 - Location: in the west end of the Burnt Forest biome. Both are located in the attic of derelict houses which can make getting to them quite a challenge.

For Alpha 10.4 - Coordinates are: 333 S,657 W (hive located in the attic on east side of the house)

Harvesting[ | ]

  • In order to harvest the hive the player only has to get close enough to search inside, each cell can be searched individually and usually contain one Jar of Honey each. Once the player has looted the Wasp Hive it will not re-spawn any more jars of honey. The player should be prepared to attempt to harvest a hive (armed and at full health).

Trivia[ | ]

Contrary to popular belief: it is not possible to fill Glass Jars up from the hives, you can however search the Hives for jars of honey instead.