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Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation Yes

Description[edit | edit source]

The Wasteland is a lifeless biome which holds all the Industrial structures and cities. Since the apocalypse began, the Wasteland has become the epicenter of the biggest zombie hordes and masses. The ground block of the Wasteland is mostly made of Destroyed Stone.

Environment[edit | edit source]

Above ground, players may find generous amounts of Cinder Blocks and Scrap Metal Blocks, making the Wasteland perfect for obtaining Scrap Iron. However, the Wasteland surface is riddled with Land mines all consisting of variations of Tin Land Mine and the occasional cooking pot trap as well.
The wasteland is full of destroyed structures which still have containers such as Coolers and Lockers. The ground is very hilly and contains numerous counts of junk. The wasteland is very foggy, especially during the morning and at night. The biome also tends to spawn a considerably large amount of feral zombies. Plus, irradiated zombies and rattlesnakes are more common here. Wolves tend to spawn in huge packs in the wasteland as well. In terms of loot, the Wasteland is the richest of them all, thanks to its central city which holds an abundance of valuable loot in the game.

The city in this biome has very high zombie spawn rates and can be VERY tedious to loot. Newer players should be extra cautious, possibly postponing looting in this biome until they are better prepared; zombies appear in great numbers either wandering, or sleeping in destroyed buildings. Additionally, players also face the hazard of hostile animals roaming around. Even more dangerous, the terrain off the road tends to conceal land mines. All aforementioned dangers may easily overwhelm players unfamiliar to the terrain. Should a player choose to loot without sufficient equipment, it is highly recommended they loot silently, and to avoid any zombie animals they are unprepared to fight, particularly dogs and bears.

Ideally, players should pack medkits/first aid bandages and ranged weapons that can kill dogs effectively, and avoid this biome at night on higher difficulties--as of Alpha 19, enemies spawn endlessly, and killing them causes them to respawn in increasing numbers, even spawning numerous ferals and zombie animals. Due to the increase to the already-large amount of special infected, zombie dogs, and higher density of zombies, the Wasteland is end-game territory, and players are wise to avoid lingering in the wasteland unnecessarily.

In Navezgane, the Wasteland is significantly harder than a randomly generated one, as there is a lack of decent buildings without too many zombies to deal with to take shelter in when caught out at night, therefore, a minibike is recommended for scavenging trips in Navezgane's Wasteland.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

The main POI in the Wastelands are its central cities which hold very valuable loot like Ammunition, Gun parts, Weapons and armor. There are plenty of Gun Safes and Munitions Boxes. It is unclear if Factories can be found in Random World Generation but in Navezgane there are 2 of these as well as Gravestown, a derelict building which contains two Desk Safes and a Junkyard.

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