7 Days to Die Wiki

There are many weapons in 7 Days To Die Console. The quality of the weapon usually decides its effectiveness. The following are:

Hunting Rifle SMG Sniper Rifle Assault Rifle Pistol 44 Magnum Rocket Launcher Pump Action Shotgun Sawed Off Shotgun Blunderbuss Crossbow

Hunting Rifle The Hunting Rifle is a breach action rifle, holding one 7.62mm bullet. It has high damage, usually being able to take out a zombie with one bullet to the head. It does more than its semi-automatic brother, but only fits one bullet in comparison. It does not have a scope, instead having iron sights. When aiming, holding down UP on D-PAD while zoom in.

SMG The SMG is an automatic sub machine gun, that takes 9MM bullets. It has a magazine capacity of 30. It has a relatively high fire rate with ok damage, taking up to more than one bullet to the head depending on difficulty and quality. Its iron sights are rather poor.

Sniper Rifle The Sniper Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle, holding 5 7.62mm bullets. It has high damage, just slightly less of that of the Hunting Rifle. While it has less damage, the 5 rounds make up for it in general firepower. It is the only gun equipped with a scope. Much like its Hunting brother, holding down UP on D-PAD while aiming increases your zoom.

AK-47 The AK-47 is an automatic rifle, holding 30 7.62mm bullets. It has high damage and is fully automatic. This gives it good firepower, able to take down almost anything in seconds with headshots. However, its recoil is quite poor, and so are its iron sights, sometimes making the gun hard to aim.

Pistol The Pistol is a semi-automatic pistol, holding 12 9mm bullets. It has low damage, but is easy to find early game, making it your first firearm as you branch to new ones. It may take more than two headshots to down a zombie depending on quality and difficulty. It has average iron sights.

44 Magnum The 44 Magnum is a semi-automatic pistol, holding 6 .44 bullets. For a pistol, it has high damage, but it is hard to find. It is seen as a later game weapon. It has a very good damage, able to easily down zombies. It has average iron sights.

Rocket Launcher The Rocket Launcher is a Rocket Launcher. It holds Rocket. It has amazing damage, being an explosive. Upon hitting an object, the Rocket Launcher will send out a large explosion, damaging blocks and damaging entitles, usually killing them. However, ammo for the Rocket Launcher is hard to find and make, as same as the launcher.

Pump Action Shotgun The Pump Action Shotgun is a Pump Action shotgun. It can hold up to 8 12 Gauge, or 12 Gauge Slugs. It has amazing damage up close with regular ammo, and with slugs is considered to be one of the best guns in the game due to the immense damage of slugs. 12 Gauge ammo is easy to find, but 12 Gauge Slugs are not.

Sawed Off Shotgun The Sawed-Off Shotgun is a pump action shotgun that can fit up to 8 12 Gauge. Unlike its longer barrel brother, it cannot fit slug ammunition, and has a worse spread and range, but is easier to find.

Blunderbuss The Blunderbuss is a breach loaded shotgun with low damage. While it is the only gun that can be directly crafted, the blunderbuss is still rather poor. It's best used at point blank range against zombies, as its damage and accuracy falls off quickly. However, it's recommended you do not waste your resources crafting one.

Crossbow The Crossbow is bow that loads one crossbow bolt. It does more damage than its lower tier brother, but requires a workbench to craft. It can't use wood arrows, and only iron or steel crossbow bolts. It's an upgrade to the regular bow, as it has higher damager, better sights, better durability, and can be loaded then put away, allowing to immediately fire after putting it away.