7 Days to Die Wiki

Rain[ | ]

As of Alpha 14.5 rain is a precipitation system that can fall in any of the worlds Biomes. It can dampen the player and be beneficial if the player is overheating. However, if the player is wearing no clothes or armour, rain can cool the player down rapidly and cause the Freezing debuff, increasing the player's hunger.

The player has a level of wetness that is displayed as a percentage. The more layers the player has on the less the rain will affect them.

Sometimes thunder can be heard during a rainstorm.

Snow[ | ]

Snow as of Alpha 14.5 is a precipitation system that can be observed in the Wasteland, Pine Forest, Forest, Snowy Forest and Plains Biomes.

When snow falls it lands on the ground or any exposed block and creates a layer overtime that has a physical depth[1]. It can cover the bodies of Zombies and make them difficult to find.

Snow like rain falls at random times during the game, however, the criteria for which precipitation type to fall is unknown. It is assumed that Biome ambient temperature is a factor into whether snow or rain falls.

Fog[ | ]

Fog can be observed in any Biome including and can vary from a slight haze to a dense cloud vastly reducing the players visibility.

Wind[ | ]

Cools down the player.