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White River Citizen is part of the 7 Days to Die tutorial quests, showing players the existence of traders in the game world.

Description[ | ]

After completing the series of eight tutorial quests given by the unseen character Noah, it places a marker for the Trader location nearest to the player character on the map. The quest appears both when starting in the Navezgane map, and in the randomly generated maps.

Quest[ | ]

As recently as the Alpha 20.6 update, the quest is as follows:

White River Citizen 1 - Journey to Settlement[ | ]

Tasks: Travel to the Nearest Trader location.
Reward: 500 exp

While brief in description, the quest may be challenging. Depending on where your player character is on the map when you complete the Basic Survival quests, you may have quite a walk ahead of you to visit the trader. For newer, inexperienced players, this may be a daunting task. Ensure you have adequate food and drink, and plenty of supplies to repair your weapons as need be.