7 Days to Die Wiki

7 Days to Die Wiki Rules[]

Be a productive member of the wiki:[]

There is a lot of work to be done and plenty of room for everyone to help. Contribute to the wiki in line with the established processes and conventions. Need help? Ask an administrator!

Follow community guidelines for formatting:[]

When a community has established formatting, it’s important to adhere to that, especially when spoiler content is involved.

Do not engage in excessive self-promotion:[]

The wiki is a collaborative community resource for the topic at hand. It is NOT a free place to advertise your related website, YouTube channel, blog, social media account, etc. Have a question about whether your link would be welcome? Ask an administrator! That being said, videos are welcome, as long as they are related to the topic of the page, and inform the reader beyond what is directly stated in the page's main sections.

Do not harass other users:[]

Do not make personal attacks on other people. If you need to criticize another user’s argument, do so without attacking them as a person. If somebody asks you to stop posting certain content on their wall, respect their wishes. It is their wall.

Do not Vandalize/Spam Edits:[]

Ensure the edits you are making are accurate and helpful. This is a public site, respect other editors. Disrupting the wiki with “edit warring” over differing opinions of a topic with another user or group of users is not productive.

Crude Language:[]

While the game does include the use of crude language, the use of such language outside of that context will be considered Harassment and/or Vandalism.

Helpful Links[]

Admin Noticeboard

Community Portal

Fandom Help: Contents