“Log spike traps can damage, cripple, even kill enemies and last longer than spike traps. Place them using the secondary action. (Upgradable)”


Wood Log Spike is a crafted trap that can be placed on the ground, walls, and even ceilings. This trap does minor damage to anything that steps on top of it.

Wood Log Spike should be used as a defense placed around the perimeter of any area the player wishes to protect.

Zombies that move across Wood Log Spike will take damage and usually lose their legs, forcing them to crawl and continuously take damage. If a zombie should die on top of a Wood Log Spike, other zombies will walk/run across the corpse and avoid the trap damage.

Barbed Wire used in conjunction with Wood Log Spikes will cause zombies to get "stuck" and make them easier targets, in addition to the damage they'll take from both traps.


Wood Log Spike can be upgraded into a Reinforced Wood Log Spike 2 with 10x Wood.

To upgrade an item, the player should equip a tool capable of repairing (e.g. Stone Axe, Wrench, Nail Gun), then click and hold the right-mouse button. The appropriate materials will then be used to repair (if needed) and upgrade.


Wood Log Spike is crafted with the following materials:

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