Wooden Bridge 2

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Current game stage: 1
Wooden Bridge 2
In-game Screenshot of Wooden Bridge 2.
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Category Point of Interest
Biome Any

Game Worlds

Navezgane Yes
Random World Generation No

Description[edit | edit source]

Ansel Adams River Sign

Wooden Bridge 2 is a structure that pass over the Ansel Adam Rivers through-out Navezgane and usually appear near towns and National Navezgane Forest areas. There are fewer of these broken Wooden Bridges found in the map.

Damaged example

Wooden Bridge 2 is very dangerous. The wood surface that comprise the bridges can be unstable, and walking or running over them may cause them to fall down into the dirt below as there is no water. Zombies can also trigger this collapse. Similarly, the beams above can collapse in the same way. So while the beams can be a fantastic place to escape from Zombies, it is possible that you may incur fall damage possible causing a Sprained Leg or worse a Broken Leg. Wooden Bridge 2 may completely break causing you to fall and take damage and possibly kill you. There are cars blocking any larger vehicles you are driving from passing through.

Locations in Navezgane[edit | edit source]

There are 10 wooden bridges

  • 688 N, 756 E
  • 763 N, 661 E
  • 180 N, 816 E
  • 712 N, 494 E
  • 890 N, 92 W
  • 1502 N, 1759 W
  • 939 N, 1486 W
  • 227 N, 1456 W
  • 514 S, 1308 W
  • 1130 S, 1193 W

Two asphalt bridges

  • 333 S, 836 E
  • 1659 S, 1154 W

A broken asphalt bridge

  • 1740 S, 597 E

And a concrete bridge

  • 1066 N, 238 W

Map bridge.jpg

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