7 Days to Die takes place in a Voxel world where everything is destructible and players can create any structure from cube form blocks. Players can mine for resources, craft blocks, and build bases.

  • Physics - 7DTD operates on Unity. The character can run and jump on solid ground and swim in water. There are melee and ranged weapons with projectiles that may pass through some blocks and need to account for the speed of the projectile on a moving target. "Blocks" make up the static world while "entities" make up the zombies, animals, player-characters, and NPC's.
  • Random Generation Maps - although the game comes with a designed map called Navezgane it is capable of random genoration maps that fill out mountains, cities, roads, lakes, and caves.
  • Biomes and Environment- There are many biomes to emulate the real world environment and bring the feeling of survival to the player with hot, cold, and rain. Characters must be clothed, eat the right food, and will need to recover from falling.
  • Points of Interest (POI's) - One of the most notable features of the game is the looting of the structures and caves. as the character explores the maps, they will encounter simple tent camps to fortified military camps; quaint homes to multi-story condos; water holes to chemical refineries; road side gas stations to industrial complexes. there are hundreds of prefabricated locations that can be found in the world and in the procedurally generated maps, they can be anywhere without ever encountering the same setup twice. Loot locations inside the POI's may even vary.
  • Cities - Cities are Collections of POI's put in a city like fashion on the maps. They are highly dense with loot but are exceptionally risky as the number of zombies greatly increases inside city locations. Cities may be a few homes and a couple special loot locations, or they can have a couple dozen homes and plenty of large dungeon like structures.
  • Structural Integrity - Buildings do not float. They must have some level of engineering to remain standing. Buildings can have their foundation knocked out from under them, causing the entire structure to collapse.
  • Farming - players can eventually achieve self-sufficiency by farming food. plants of all sorts drop seeds and may be planted, in the right conditions, to grow into large, high yield crops.
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