“Great for disassembling mechanical devices like cars, air conditioners and more. Can also be used to repair and upgrade walls.”


The Wrench is a multi-purpose Tool that can perform the following functions:

  • Repair blocks similar to the Stone Axe
  • Used as a melee weapon, this causes similar damage as other multipurpose weapons
  • Upgrade blocks
  • Harvest resources from different items in-game

With the Wrench in hand the above functions can be performed:

Primary Action

Pressing the left mouse button will swing the Wrench and deal damage to any enemies or blocks in range. Both enemies and blocks will take very little damage from this tool. Its recommended to switch to a melee weapon instead of the Wrench to deal damage and to switch to the Stone Axe or similar tool to deconstruct blocks.

The main ability of the Wrench is to press left click on various non-block things in the world. This will cause the Wrench to harvest resources from the object.

Some of the items in-game that can be harvested for resources:

Secondary Action

Pressing the right click will cause the wrench to repair a block similar to the Stone Axe's repair ability.

The Wrench can also upgrade items with right click if the player has the required materials in their inventory.


The Wrench is crafted at the Workbench.png Workbench with the following items:

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