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List of XML files included in Alpha 19[ | ]

archetypes.xml[ | ]

This file contains attributes for building the player's avatar

biomes.xml[ | ]

Settings related to Biomes that appear in the game.

blockplaceholders.xml[ | ]

Block Placeholders are special blocks used in the creation of prefabs. They stand for "some random block of type <X>". So when creating a prefab, you can have a sort of random junk block, and the game will create a random type of garbage from the list of possible objects to spawn in for that block. For example, a street has just a scattering of blocks called "Street Random Loot Helper" but when the game renders them, it will choose an actual block from this list:

 <placeholder name="cntStreetRandomLootHelper">
   <block name="cntTrashPile01"/>
   <block name="cntTrashPile02"/>
   <block name="cntTrashPile03"/>
   <block name="cntTrashPile04"/>
   <block name="cntTrashPile05"/>
   <block name="cntTrashPile06"/>
   <block name="cntTrashPile07"/>
   <block name="cntTrashPile08"/>
   <block name="cntTrashPile09"/>
   <block name="cntShoppingCart" prob=".05"/>
   <block name="cntShoppingCartEmpty" prob=".75"/>
   <block name="cntBackpack01" prob=".05"/>
   <block name="cntBackpack03" prob=".05"/>
   <block name="cntDuffle01" prob=".05"/>
   <block name="cntSportsBag01" prob=".05"/>
   <block name="cntSportsBag02" prob=".05"/>
   <block name="cntPurse01" prob=".05"/>

blocksA16PrefabConversion.xml[ | ]

blocks.xml[ | ]

One of the most important files, this defines the actual blocks used in the world.

buffs.xml[ | ]

Defines effects that can be placed on the player. Includes special things like godmode, and debuffs in addition to buffs from food and drugs.

dialogs.xml[ | ]

This is the conversations you have with the traders.

dmscontent.xml[ | ]

Ambient sounds definitions

entityclasses.xml[ | ]

Defines classes of entities ("living" things) to apply sets of attributes for any in-game entity based on that class. So a male player avatar has a specific defined set of attributes:

 <entity_class name="playerMale">
   <property name="EntityType" value="Player"/>
   <property name="Tags" value="entity,player,human"/> 
   <property name="ModelType" value="UMA"/>
   <property name="Class" value="EntityPlayer"/>
   <property name="Prefab" value="Player"/>
   <property name="Mesh" value="Player/Male/player_maleRagdoll"/>
   <property name="Mass" value="180"/>
   <property name="PhysicsBody" value="Player"/>
   <property name="HasDeathAnim" value="true"/>
   <property name="HasRagdoll" value="true"/>
   <property name="RagdollOnDeathChance" value="0"/>
   <property name="AvatarController" value="AvatarUMAController"/>
   <property name="LocalAvatarController" value="AvatarLocalPlayerController"/>
   <property name="Parent" value="Players"/>
   <property name="CrouchYOffsetFP" value="-0.65"/>
   <property name="IsMale" value="true"/>
   <property name="TimeStayAfterDeath" value="10"/>
   .... etc.

entitygroups.xml[ | ]

Defines groups of entities ("living" things) so that attributes can be assigned to the entire group.

gamestages.xml[ | ]

This file defines how the game scales the number and types of zombies based on your player's gamestage.

item_modifiers.xml[ | ]

items.xml[ | ]

This file defines the stuff that you can pick up in the game. Individual items, and their associated attributes.

loadingscreen.xml[ | ]

This file defines the sets of background images to cycle through, as well as the loading tips that you can cycle through when starting the game or reloading from death.

Localization.txt[ | ]

Another very important file, this contains every description line for each item in the game. The definitions in this file are what appear as the names of objects crafted by the player for example.

loot.xml[ | ]

materials.xml[ | ]

misc.xml[ | ]

music.xml[ | ]

nav_objects.xml[ | ]

npc.xml[ | ]

painting.xml[ | ]

This is where the textures for use with the paintbrush and paint items are defined!

physicsbodies.xml[ | ]

progression.xml[ | ]

qualityinfo.xml[ | ]

quests.xml[ | ]

recipes.xml[ | ]

Definitions for how things are crafted by the player.

rwgmixer.xml[ | ]

Random World Generator presets and definitions.

sounds.xml[ | ]

Defines sounds related to in-game events, and how they affect the game. (How noisy they are for example.)

spawning.xml[ | ]

Stealth.txt[ | ]

traders.xml[ | ]

Defines what items traders will sell you. Also defines objects sold in vending machines.

ui_display.xml[ | ]

utilityai.xml[ | ]

vehicles.xml[ | ]

weathersurvival.xml[ | ]

worldglobal.xml[ | ]

XML.txt[ | ]

XUi[ | ]

XUi_Menu[ | ]

Editing XML files[ | ]

Xml editing